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Lödöse museum


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halsband med silveryxa

Museum shop and café

In our welcoming entrance you will find the museum's shop and café. We carry carefully selected goods of high quality. Our vision and aspiration is to, as far as possible, offer products that are fair and ecologically produced, for a sustainable future. The shop and café has the same opening hours as the museum.

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logga där det står Partof west Sweden

A part of West Sweden

Lödöse museum is in the heart of Göta Älv valley, close to cities like Gothenburg, Trollhättan and Vänersborg. With just over half an hour drive from the west coast it is also close to the sea and all it has to offer. There is more to explore while you are here - Lödöse is a part of West Sweden!


Museum, shop and café;

Monday closed  
Tuesday 11-16
Wednesday 11-16
Thursday 11-19
Friday 11-16
Saturday 11-16
Sunday 11-16 

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❗ A parking permit is required in our parking lot. Get your permit in the museum reception.