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Ett barn skymtas i bakgrunden, i förgrunden modeller av en hamn med båtar och människor

Through our exhibitions we tell the story about archaeology and the Middle Ages. A small exhibition about shipbuilding and shipping history tells the story about younger industrial history around the Göta River.

A man with two small children are trying out medieval head wear

Medieval life

Welcome to life in the Middle Ages. Kol the Viking, Rodger the beltmaker, Skedulf the monk, Tala Priswalk, and Princess Ingeborg. These are all people who lived in Lödöse or who spent time there. What was life like for them in this medieval town?

Lavendel and butterflies

Herb garden

Welcome to the Herb Garden at Lödöse Museum. Here we explain all about the medicinal properties of medieval herbs as well as the many myths and unusual facts surrounding the herbs. The Herb Garden is a true oasis for our senses and a place where inspiration abounds.

Booking and contact

Booking manager: Jessica Randén

Telephone: (+46) 10-441 43 83
Monday-Friday 9.00-14.30 PM

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