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About us

We are a museum where the emphasis is firmly on archaeological finds from the Middle Ages. There are also exhibitions focusing on life at the time, as well as a cafeteria, shop and herb garden inspired by history, beliefs and traditions.

The museum building

Lödöse Museum is primarily an archaeological museum. The first museum in Lödöse was opened in 1965. Housed in the cellar of an apartment building, it came into being following several major excavations. As Lödöse is one of the sites in Sweden that has generated most archaeological finds, the modest premises in the cellar soon proved to be too small. Our current museum building, opened in 1994, is better adapted to a more extensive range of activities. It was designed by architect Christer Håkansson, who used the medieval Bjälbo Palace in Vadstena as a model and source of inspiration.

Something for everyone

Our ambition is to arrange events, activities and exhibitions that arouse your interest and enhance your knowledge of archaeology, and with a particular focus on the Middle Ages. Exhibitions of more recent cultural history and life at the time are also an important part of our work. There is something for everyone, regardless of age or interests. 

We work with exhibitions, collections and the provision of information, advice and guidance, and we conduct research into the Middle Ages, archaeology and cultural history.

Café Alfhild

Whatever the time of year, at Café Alfhild you can always enjoy a refreshing cup of coffee or tea and a sandwich or cake of your choice. If you feel like a light lunch, we are certain that our pies are just what you are looking for.


Lödöse Museum has been adapted for disabled users, and there is ample free parking. 

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