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Medieval life

Welcome to life in the Middle Ages. Kol the Viking, Rodger the beltmaker, Johan the tailor, Skedulf the monk, Tala Priswalk, Mattis Smidh, Katarina Sängestaka and Princess Ingeborg. These are all people who lived in Lödöse or who spent time there. What was life like for them in this medieval town? How did they live? What did the monks do? What did life hold for a young girl?

The museum’s new permanent exhibition tells us about Lödöse in the Middle Ages and about the people who once lived there. The exhibition includes numerous objects which the inhabitants left to posterity. Objects that have collectively given rise to exciting and in many cases moving accounts of events, both large and small, that contributed to life and living all those centuries ago.

Medieval society and the way people lived was in many ways vastly different from modern-day Sweden. But for the individual – as a human being – things haven’t really changed at all. Dreams, feelings and relationships were just as real and important for the people of Lödöse 800 years ago as they are today.

Welcome to Medieval Life! You will be surprised how much, and at times how little, things have changed since the Middle Ages.

Updated: 2021-07-13 13:08