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Café Alfhild

Organic and fair

The cafeteria is constantly expanding its range with the addition of organic and Fairtrade-labelled products. Our aim is to ensure a sustainable future. The cafeteria only sells organic and/or Fairtrade-labelled beverages.

The cafeteria follows the museum opening hours. If the weather is fine, it is possible to eat outdoors. If you would like to order lunch for groups of five or more, please call us on 010-441 43 81 to make a reservation.



Alfhild is the name of a woman who lived during the Middle Ages. According to an interpretation of a gravestone from the monastery church here in Lödöse, she was the wife of the Hospital Warden. It would not be entirely out of place to compare her to Florence Nightingale, a much-loved and important person who devoted her life to treating the sick and afflicted.

Updated: 2018-04-11 09:55